Meghan Hickey

Bringing your vision to light with a poet's eye.

This is 40: three generations of (Larkin) Hickey (Totten) women.

Daisy (day 2)

Diaper cake from my thoughtful colleagues!

Merry Christmas!

Self-portrait at 20 weeks with my art director: not only did Tessa wake me up in time to catch the sun, but she also ran back and forth with me between camera and window to make sure she got into each shot.

Subway reminder: take a pause..

Hamming it up with Erin Greenwell at an old-timey vitagraph screen test in Red Hook.

Swans feeding in the green

Algae on pond surface at Prospect Park boathouse. Kind of gross overall but quite beautiful up close. Makes a good wallpaper?

Still life with foot. Homage to my father, whose aforementioned appendage made cameos in our childhood photos.